Alcohol Licensing

Alcohol Licensing - Overview

The Licensing Act 2003 states that you must hold a Personal Licence to sell alcohol in England and Wales. Premises selling alcohol must also hold a Premises Licence.

  • Take our eligibility test to determine whether you can apply for a Personal Licence.
  • Pro-Leagle offer a range of products and services facilitating training and application for Personal and Premises Licences as well as renewals, hearings and appeals:

Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH):
Training, Examination and Certification

(Formerly the National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders - NCPLH)

To obtain a Personal Licence you must first pass the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) examination. Pro-Leagle offer the following APLH training products and services:


Personal Licence Application - Products and Services

Passed the APLH examination? You can now apply to your local Licensing Authority for a Personal Licence. Pro-Leagle offers the following service to assist you:


Premises Licence Application - Services

Want to sell alcohol in your shop, bar or restaurant? You must apply for a Premises Licence from your Licensing Authority. Pro-Leagle can help with the following services:


Licence Renewals, Hearings and Appeals

Do you need to renew a licence, have you had a licence application rejected, or have you been told to attend a hearing? We can help: