Company and Business Advice

As the owner of a Company or business, there are certain keystones to negotiate from start-up to long-term running and (possible) future sale. Issues to consider are what business structure to use, renting office space, employing staff and the legal mechanics of the internet. Pro-Leagle offer a range of Company/business services with a transparent pricing system. Contact Pro-Leagle for more information.

  • Protecting your business name, logo, design ideas and domain name are also essential to overall success.
  • Currently in the UK, there are over 1 million Limited Companies. 2.5 million sole proprietors and 540,000 partnerships.
  • Pro-Leagle has created an interactive online test to assist you in deciding whether to opt for the sole trader or Limited Company structure. For a final check, take a look at the Pros and Cons of Company incorporation.
  • Tax efficiency can be an important factor when deciding upon the structure of your business. Pro-Leagle offer a comparative tax calculator demonstrating the relative tax efficiency of Limited Companies vs. sole traders.
  • Once you have decided which structure to adopt, the next stage is to identify what the various Formalities are for limited company's and partnerships. Sole traders do not require formalities as such although a Business Plan is always advisable.
  • Additionally you should consider issues such as choosing Your Workplace, Employing Staff and Chasing Debtors.