Collective Enfranchisement Overview

Leaseholders may have the right to purchase the freehold with their neighbours even if the freeholder does not consent. The legal term for this is Collective Enfranchisement. Pro-Leagle offer a range of Collective Enfranchisement services with transparent pricing.

  • There are rules in place defining whether a leaseholder has the right to exercise Collective Enfranchisement. Pro-Leagle has created an online qualification test to assess eligibility for leasehold flats. The criteria for leasehold houses are slightly different. Contact Pro-Leagle to learn more.
  • Complex rules define how much the freehold purchase will cost. The freehold valuation process is explained in more detail in our valuation section.
  • The outcome of following the Collective Enfranchisement procedure is that some/all of the leaseholders become freehold owners of the whole building. This will counteract the steady depreciation of leasehold property value over time. There will, however, be property management issues to deal with post enfranchisement.
  • Before deciding to purchase the freehold of a leasehold flat or house, take a look at the pros and cons of Collective Enfranchisment. Leaseholders may also wish to consider the alternatives to Collective Enfranchisement.
  • Read our Frequently asked Questions on Collective Enfranchisement for more information.